Its been a long time from my last post. Had little summer break so i have been enjoing the summer and what not. Overall lazyness for that period of time haha

Back to business finally this week!!!
Been sanding and plastic padding the car all week after work so could today paint my Lada bottom half with Antirust Zinc paint for the base color before actual car paint. 

Not the ideal enviroment for painting but im trying to keep all in low budget

Left side of the car was not sanded well enough. I have to do some more sanding to there and paint it again. Its something i have never been very good at so this was something i expected.  

ImageImageImageEspecially left rear fender that i had to change to new one is not good enough. Some more plastic padding + sanding and it will be good enough for me. Overally paint well done thou

My Lada is close to be done when i think about it. Im really trying to rush it from now on so can enjoy the summer with it while here still is summer. Next week i get the car paint.  Next week i want all painting done so i can change all the break pipes of the car and radiator. Then rush for the registering place and get car checked, hopefully all done in 2 weeks.


Racetrack/hobbycar meetings  start 20.4 so there is no way i can go there with this Lada. I will go for sure there with my Opelto hang out. Hopefully Kemora racetrack saturday next weekend will come true cos here is still some snow on the ground and people still use winter tires even. Been planning of selling this Lada after its done but we will see what happens. If make my Lada fast means alot more welding cos the body and the frame of the car is not just strong enough. Rollgage is a must in that case.

Finished pretty much all the weldings.  There was  alot more to do than i thought. It took 2 weekends and some times went there after work.

Huge hole on the trunk after i cutted the rusty part out of it

Kuva0037Kuva0043The hole below door goes under the car as well for a bit
Kuva0048Kuva0040That fender was a bit hard to do for me but it become ok after all

Kuva0042Both right side doors needed little part to them as well.

There was 3 more holes botton of the car that i didnt take pics from.

Im happy the shittiest part (welding) is over. All the inside car and bottom of the car weldings are painted  and joint sealed but i forgot to take pics of them.

Now some sanding and what not for preparing to paint. I wont use real car paint. Car paints these days are not good cos they need car drying oven to get paint dry well. I just need some simple 1-component paint.

Got my car finally to our workplace “hobby” garage last weekend and started working with it right away. Theres only about 1 month till racetrack/car meetings days start so gotta spend alot time now with fixing the car.

20 km drove i took to that garage with my Lada was…how to say..not fun hahaha. Top speed seems to be around 120 kmh with engine rpm really high cos it has weird 4-speed gearbox and theres just no power.  Also suspension was pretty bad. So theres alot of work to be done.

Finland winter is just terrible. The shit they put here to roads to take  ice away from roads makes the cars bottoms rusty. Car like Lada wich is not highly engineered dont take winter well as seen on the pic from passeger side floor. My Lada wont be used anymore on winter after its done.

On that pic i have cutted the hole the way needed to for welding. I will paint whole floor inside car again after weldings done.

This car will be my most challenging welding work so far, both front doors and rear left fender need to be welded abit too. I havent done such welding much yet so gotta be carefull. Thin metal on straight area like door is easy to get bumpy if it gets too hot on welding. …Ahh also found later a huge hole on the trunk below spare tire.
Kuva0028 Kuva0030 Kuva0031
That said my plan is to get ALL the weldings done by after eastern.

Look of my Lada right now is pretty terrible hahaha. Theres so many work to be done.  I decided that car paint color will be white cos its cheap and easy to paint + aint most of the  racecars white ;p
I will put Lada racing engine in it. I really thought about it alot and did some research. Under Finnish stupid laws it would be too damn hard with paperwork and all the shit to put 2 litre or above 2 liters engine in, most of all it would need some serius fitting wich in not gona do….yet…I want to keep it car street legal and it only weights about 890 kilos so about 115 HP out of Lada engine will be nice enough weight/horsepower ratio for now. Might still weld rollgage in it thou, depents if i can get tool to make curves to rollgage pipes wich im planning to make from old water pipes.

Ok here it is. Lada 2101 (1987) 1200cc is my new hobby car. I got it almost for free. It has been always one of those cars that i would like to getMy beautiful picture

Yes its ugly, yes its Russian made, yes it takes alot of gasoline, yes its slow but it has alot of potential and it has that “old school charm” on it. The interior and chrome bumbers and all that kind of stuff looks cool as fuck.

This has car failed the “yearly checking” just couple weeks ago by “holes on the bottom, must be repaired by welding” and “repair ALL the brake gables and brake metal pipes”. Some old dude did bring this car to my work place to get some money from it when changing it to newer car. So i got it cheap from my boss.

Next weekend i will take the car to my work place “hobby car garage” , start welding  the car and fixing it. Allready so many plans with the car are going on my mind. First fix the car + paint it. Then gotta change the engine to bigger, lower the car, and get some old school rims. It would be awsome to make it fast car, Ladas arent known as fast. Even the owners manual said 140kmh is the max for the  car hahaha.

I googled some pics to get some ideas for the car
yellow cars lada 2101 russians 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.vehiclehi.com_45lada_2101_by_Kretiins (1)382722-1920x1280

I finished yesterday great book named “Alexander Roy- The Driver”. I rarely read any books but this one really got me going.  The final story of trying to break 20 years old record of driving across USA was amazing.

I have always liked Alex Royand been a fan for long time of him. The book gave me new way to look at Gumball 3000 and other road rallys. I allready knew some of the stories on the book from the TV and videos i have seen but didnt see the big picture before reading the book.  Hes one of the reason why i want to join rally over europe, i would just go there to have some fun thou and not to race like crazy.

He really broke many laws and speed limits on his crazy adventure of “semi ilegal” road racing. Not something i would do or tell people to try to do but still i like the book very very much.

Every petrolhead should read this book. Especially if your into road rallys. driver

Yesterday went to see cheap not registered Opel Calibra but it was more bad conditioning than spose to when i talked on the phone about it so didnt buy  it. I love that Opel model, really nice shape on it and they are always with good engines.  I might buy one if good one with nice price comes around. Theres many cars on the internet car pages that i would buy i think but too far away from my home. No intrest or budget to drive allday other side of Finland for a cheap car.

The “fever” of getting new hobby car is really taken strong hold of me haha. Tomorrow or saturday i might go to see Opel Kadett C -1976 that has really low price on it. Its also not registered with interior taken out of the car but on the pics it looks pretty good shape. Fixing it is no problem to me but can i put big enough engine on it under Finnish stupid car laws and get it registered??  Its rear wheel drive thou which would be a huge bonus when it come to going to racetracks on next summer. Real wheel drive  is just more fun….

Events of summer 2012

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Just been looking some pics of last summer events i went.  Damn it was fun and i wish it was still summer . Next summer gotta do more events with new car. Big dream is to go to “Opel treffen” meeting in Germany and also make my dream of couple laps on the Nurburgring true.

Here some random pics of summer

Tuuri Tuning Show 16.5-2012


Ahvenisto  race circuit 30.6 -2012


Motopark 22.7 – 2012


Ok lets try this blog stuff. My blog will be about my little cheap ass petrolhead journey to racetracks / hobby car meetings around Finland.

I got 1994 Opel Vectra for free last winter that was crashed a bit from the front and had some work with the body also with the rust. Repairs started abit allready on the pic.

It become this after couple hundred euros and 100 hours of free time. Also bought broken GT version for 50 euros for spare parts. I guess its  nothing fancy but im happy with it since i builded it with very low budget. Its made to look like the GT sports version besides painted it matte black.

Summer is pretty much done here. Went to couple racetrack days with my Opel this summer and had much fun, didnt hit the track yet thou because i need faster car with better brakes. Here you pay around 35 euros and can go hit the track with your car.  “Racetrack days” summer time Finland are possible to go almost every weekend.

Now i will buy some lightweight 80´s Opel and build it over the winter for next summer to have some fun. First i gotta find some car thou but no rush yet since winter is long so lots of time to build. This Vectra will be my “everyday car” from now on 🙂

Heres couple highlight or whatever you wanna call it videos that i made from last summer´s racetrack days